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Mo Crow

Oh my gosh, those spider beads are beautiful!


aren't they something? delicate looking, but strong enough to carry rain.


I love this!!! Black bean dye??? I'm just at the 'reading' stage of natural dyeing.....totally fascinating....obviously beautiful, too!


I'm at the "timid try it" stage of natural dyeing! Started with Ravelry...here's one thread about black bean dyeing: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/plants-to-dye-for. Have fun!


Your blog is lovely! So much here to love and nod along with. The Robert Frost poem. Following a magic feather. Working solo through spirit cloth 101, which was so amazing. Only to arrive at a much deeper "so amazing" with kindred companions. And treasures in the rag bag... Don't have time to go much further back--but I will return. Happy to be traveling with you.


Thanks Beth, for your lovely comments. I look forward to traveling with you as well!

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