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grace Forrest

holy are neat. like, orderly.
What? do you use the toilet brush for? i have one i use to scrub scum out of the Goats water tubs.


oh Grace Forrest! you have delighted me so - I burst into laughter! What's a toilet brush? I use the big yellow brush to scrub decks, gutters, planters, bird baths, my boots, bed of my truck. It used to be for scrubbing out my boat. And I don't have goats this year. Otherwise their tubs would be on the list. Orderly? did you not see the stuff jammed on top of driftwood, beach rocks, kids trucks, and who knows what such? Uff da!


and grace Forrest, the little white brush cleans out my medicinal libation thermos....

grace Forrest

oh..ok. it made me think of the toilet brush i use.
(it was new) (not one from the house) but i needed a bigish long handled brush.
you have a generously sized libation thermos.

but then you would. being a Lace Lady.

Mo Crow

Hi Lace Lady, I look forward to seeing your lace, mantle & and especially this mysterious amulet bag with feathers
(just hopped over here from Jude's What-if Diaries)


Love hearing from you. Love my crows, and ravens! My plan is for the amulet bag to come to fruition in this What-if Diaries adventure. And being new to blogging, currently I am overwhelmed just exactly how to do things. Pix will come eventually ~ thanks for your interest!

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